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Morall Army Unites TikTok Youth With New Fitness Trend

"We Are The Morall Army" is a slogan coined by Kohdi Rayne, and International Best Selling Author and creator of The Mantis Program.

This Morall Army TikTok fitness trend started when Kohdi "duetted" @fattohealthy on TikTok by showing the teen that he's not alone on his fitness journey.

Kohdi is a liver failure survivor and found solitude in the gym after is recovery from near death. Empathy, compassion, and gratitude is the backbone of his support programs and his influence on TikTok is no different.

Shortly after posting his duet many creators began duetting the duet thus creating a chain of pushups and amazing support. This generated over 60,000 views and 6,000 likes.

Kohdi took the first eight people that duetted and built a collage then tagged @fattohealthy in that collage.

Within minutes the video picked up steam and began trending on TikTok as one of the fasted growing fitness trends of 2020 with hundreds of duets that all show support for @fattohealthy.

2020 has been a year of divisiveness and the Morall Army TikTok fitness trend is proof that small gestures can make all the difference and bring generations together.

Clicking on the sound of this viral video shows the hundreds of supporters ranging from kids to adults, boys and girls, men and women, democrats and republicans, old and young, military and civilian, LGBTQ and straight.

This Morall Army viral fitness trend is one of the most wholesome videos of 2020.

"This is why I'm on TikTok", "We need more of this", "This is the best thing I've seen on TikTok this year", "This brought me to tears" are some of our favorite comments so far.

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